Kitchen Sink Replaced!

This kitchen had an old stainless steel 60-40 split sink.  We are seeing a growing trend of homeowners moving away from this.  Picking out a bigger single-bowl sink to have installed.

In most cases, the granite must be cut to accommodate a bigger sink.  To do this we use a continuous rim diamond blade attached to the Medusaw made by Skil, which is attached to a HEPA filter vacuum.  This ensures we do not leave a mess behind for you to clean.

First, we measured the new sink to make sure it will work in the cabinet.  Then we removed the undermount sink.  Since we are cutting the granite, your main limiting factor is the size of your cabinet.

Once we removed the old sink, we measured the new sink and granite cut-out again and marked where the granite needs to be cut.  We use pencils that are designed for writing on stone surfaces to mark where the cuts need to be made in the granite.  After the cuts are made there is a little cleaning up to do before installing the new sink.

A plumber may be required to re-plumb the drains when going from a double-bowl to a single-bowl sink.  We can tighten the new faucet and mount the garbage disposal, but for drains the vent usually needs to be moved/modified.

We recommend a drop-in sink if the granite needs to be cut.  To finish the edge properly requires tooling that is not designed for use inside of a home.  Plus, the holes in the back for the faucet usually need to be in a different place to get the desired look with the new sink.  A drop-in solves that without having to replace the granite, or have filled in holes.

If you are interested in having your sink replaced, or have any questions about the process for your project.  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at the number below.

Chipped, Scratched, Stained, or Cracked?  We have “Majic” for that!

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Happy Clients!

I had etched marble counter tops in my kitchen and bathroom. So I called stone majic and Ryan did an outstanding job on both of them. They look brand new! I would recommend stone majic!

Zachery Orth, Orlando

Efficient and effective service. Ryan was professional and polite and repaired our quartz countertop so damage was unnoticeable. Thanks Ryan!

Jason Smith, Orlando

We had a broken marble coffee table top, dropped by our movers, which had been repaired by another person who ruined the finish in the process. Ryan was the 3rd person we tried and we finally found the one who could restore the top which I believed was ruined by the processes it had been through. He was knowledgeable, listened to our concerns, and was timely. The job took him 2-3 hours but when he was done we were thrilled. As one of a set of 3, we knew we would never find a match. I’m glad, VERY GLAD, we didn’t give up. Thank you Ryan!!!

Sheila Casey King, Stone Creek, Ocala

Fantastic results!  Great people.  Completely exceeded my expectations.

Madeline, Winter Park

Ryan is amazing!  Our granite counters look brand-spanking-new, and we literally saved thousands of dollars.

Rich, Windemere