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Care & Maintenance

It is extremely important to use a PH neutral cleaner with all natural stone surfaces.  Granite is a beautiful upgrade to a house or place of business, but over time cracks, chips, stains, and scratches can diminish that beauty.  This page serves to inform you about the professional process of granite polishing, repair, and restoration of countertops and walls in a house or place of business.  We hope you find the info here useful to understand what is necessary for your project.

Polish & Seal

Granite that is hazy in certain light can be improved with diamond compounds and a machine.  This is known as a Polish and Seal.  It is a wet process that does not make a big mess, but we make sure the lower cabinets are covered to ensure any mess of ours will not be left behind.

After polishing, the granite is sealed with a solvent-based sealer. This is different than the water-based sealers you can find at your local store.  When a solvent-based sealer is applied, you will enjoy better protection from stains for a longer period of time.  We recommend having a solvent-based sealer applied every 5-10 years, instead of six months to a year with water-based sealers.

Scratch Removal

Scratched granite can be restored by resurfacing the damaged area to below the scratch, then polishing the granite back to the desired finish.  This is done using a set diamond pads exclusively designed for the surface of all natural stones, combined with the Polish & Seal process above.  This allows us to achieve a result that was once thought to be impossible.

Stain Removal

Granite that has darkened or stained can be restored by applying a poultice.  This is a mixture that is applied to the stain and covered in plastic.  A cut is made in the plastic for the poultice to slowly dry.  It is then removed after 3-4 days.  The poultice can be applied to a small area, or an entire kitchen if necessary, but it can not get wet.

Stains can be the result of an improper application of sealer, a lack of sealer, or a cleaner is being used that is too acidic for the stone.  Acidic cleaners will break down any sealer prematurely as well as break down the surface of the stone.  Leaving the pores open for liquids to soak in, and creating the hazy look as described above.

Chips & Cracks

Granite that has chipped or cracked can be repaired with epoxy, or a resin that cures with UV light.  Both are good methods.  Epoxy requires mixing up a color that matches the stone.  Both methods must be shaved smooth, and polished if necessary.  If not careful, doing so may result in scratching the stone.  UV curing resin is faster and easier than epoxy, but not recommended for most cracks, or to adhere a piece that has broken off.

Rough edges from chips around kitchen sinks can be shaved smooth using diamond hand pads.  These range in grits.  The lower grits will remove the stone while the higher grits polish the edge back to a shine.  When used properly they will round the edge, giving better impact protection in the future.


Some of this you may be able to handle yourself, but we recommend leaving most of this to the professionals.  Investment in natural stone should last multiple lifetimes.  All over central Florida we have been trusted to protect that investment and keep it looking like new.  Now, all you have to say is Abracadabra!

Chipped, Scratched, Stained, or Cracked?  We Have “Majic” For That!




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I had etched marble counter tops in my kitchen and bathroom. So I called stone majic and Ryan did an outstanding job on both of them. They look brand new! I would recommend stone majic!

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Efficient and effective service. Ryan was professional and polite and repaired our quartz countertop so damage was unnoticeable. Thanks Ryan!

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We had a broken marble coffee table top, dropped by our movers, which had been repaired by another person who ruined the finish in the process. Ryan was the 3rd person we tried and we finally found the one who could restore the top which I believed was ruined by the processes it had been through. He was knowledgeable, listened to our concerns, and was timely. The job took him 2-3 hours but when he was done we were thrilled. As one of a set of 3, we knew we would never find a match. I’m glad, VERY GLAD, we didn’t give up. Thank you Ryan!!!

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Ryan is amazing!  Our granite counters look brand-spanking-new, and we literally saved thousands of dollars.

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