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Marble is very delicate and needs regular sealing and maintenance to stay looking clean and shiny.  In most cases we see the marble has scratches and etching that have damaged the shine of the surface.  This damage can be honed and polished away without having to resurface the entire piece.  Our Majic enables us to focus on the problem areas without effecting the polish throughout the marble.  Saving time and money while keeping everything right where it lays in your house or place of business.

Chips and cracks can be a thing of the past.  Both can be filled with color matched epoxy on site, or clear to match the stone right behind the damage.  Then honed smooth to the touch.  Chips in marble happen often around the sink.  The entire edge will become rough from chipping if not careful.  That problem can be solved with our Majic.  The edge profile around the sink should have a rounded top edge to give strength to resist chipping.  Even if it is not rounded now, we have a mess free way to give more strength to the edge and remove chips.  All you have to say is Abracadabra!

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Stain Removal

Stain Removal Services

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Stain Removal Services

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Chip Repair

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Etched Marble Refinishing

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Happy Clients!

I had etched marble counter tops in my kitchen and bathroom. So I called stone majic and Ryan did an outstanding job on both of them. They look brand new! I would recommend stone majic!

Zachery Orth, Orlando

Efficient and effective service. Ryan was professional and polite and repaired our quartz countertop so damage was unnoticeable. Thanks Ryan!

Jason Smith, Orlando

We had a broken marble coffee table top, dropped by our movers, which had been repaired by another person who ruined the finish in the process. Ryan was the 3rd person we tried and we finally found the one who could restore the top which I believed was ruined by the processes it had been through. He was knowledgeable, listened to our concerns, and was timely. The job took him 2-3 hours but when he was done we were thrilled. As one of a set of 3, we knew we would never find a match. I’m glad, VERY GLAD, we didn’t give up. Thank you Ryan!!!

Sheila Casey King, Stone Creek, Ocala

Fantastic results!  Great people.  Completely exceeded my expectations.

Madeline, Winter Park

Ryan is amazing!  Our granite counters look brand-spanking-new, and we literally saved thousands of dollars.

Rich, Windemere