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Save THOUSANDS of dollars over replacement costs.

Marble Vanity Restoration | Resurfacing and Polishing Marble Countertops in Tampa

BEFORE AFTER This beautiful marble vanity needed a major restoration.  To remove scratches, the stone was resurfaced to a fresh layer that was then polished and sealed.  This process requires a set of diamond honing pads specifically designed for the top surface of natural stone.  Not the edge.  This ensures the finish left behind is not wavy or inconsistent.  This process leaves no mess or dust for you to clean up.  The sealer we apply is solvent based, not water based like store bought products.  Giving the homeowner a brand new surface for their vanity and protecting it from normal wear and tear for years to come! If you have Marble that is Chipped, Scratched, Stained, or Cracked, we have Majic for that!  Call today for a free estimate. FOLLOW US TO SEE MORE!

May 10th, 2022|portfolio|

Marble Shower Wall Polishing | Vertical Marble Restoration in Daytona Beach

BEFORE AFTER Marble Shower Saved! While it is hard to take pictures of what was done here, the difference is clear.  This marble tile shower had dull spots all around.  It was very easy to spot them in person.  After resurfacing, the spots were permanently removed and the tiles sealed to protect against new spots in the future.  Saving the customer thousands of dollars! If your marble is on a wall, it's no problem for our Majicians.  Call today for a free estimate! FOLLOW US TO SEE MORE!

May 9th, 2022|portfolio|

Marble Kitchen Countertop Refinishing | Marble Polishing In Orlando Florida

BEFORE AFTER Marble Kitchen Saved! This Marble countertop had seen better days.  The homeowners thought there was nothing that could restore their marble to its former glory.  That was until they found Stone Majic!  Using professional tooling and compounds, we were able to resurface the marble.  Permanently removing scratches and etching.  All without leaving a mess behind! The marble was then sealed with a solvent based sealer.  Which is different than the water based sealers you find at any hardware store.  Providing better protection against stains and etching. It is always important to keep acidic liquids and cleaners away from your stone surfaces. Prolonged exposure to an acidic liquid could etch the marble again.  If you are interested in saving your kitchen, give us a call today and get your free estimate! FOLLOW US TO SEE MORE!

May 9th, 2022|portfolio|

Travertine Vanity Restoration | Polish and Seal in The Villages Florida

BEFORE AFTER These travertine tops had dull spots and rings everywhere.  The owners thought their money had gone to waste over something that seemed unpreventable.  Natural stone countertops are beautiful, but you still have to use them!  Store bought products have no effect on damage like this. Stone Majic utilizes diamond compounds in combination with a solvent based sealer to achieve a physical polish to the stone.  This helps to prevent damage like this from happening for many years compared to store bought polishes and water based sealers. FOLLOW US TO SEE MORE!

December 13th, 2021|portfolio|

Granite Countertop Resurfacing, Polishing, and Sealing | Granite Restoration Services in Orlando Florida

BEFORE DURING AFTER Natural stones like granite have a finished surface, not a coating.  Damage like scratches and dullness can be restored by resurfacing the damaged area back to the desired finish.  This is done with a honing process that utilizes diamond pads exclusively designed for the surface of all natural stones, not the edges.  This allows us to achieve a result that was once known to be impossible to accomplish. Now all you have to say is abracadabra! FOLLOW US TO SEE MORE!

December 9th, 2021|portfolio|

Solid Surface Refinishing | Corian Refinishing in Greater Central Florida

BEFORE AFTER Corian and other solid surface materials usually become scratched and dull after years of use.  We effectively resurface these materials to a factory finish using a Festool brand vacuum sanding system.  This ensures no mess or dust is left behind for our clients. The tops can be used immediately after completion of this service.  We recommend having it resurfaced again when you see fit.  The scratches are physically removed from the material and a new surface is polished.  They can look renewed again for years with proper care. Also, the caulking in the after pictures here turned clear after it cured.  Burns in the material could not be completely removed.

December 8th, 2021|portfolio|

Marble Restoration and Repair | Historic McEwan Building Entryway Downtown Orlando

BEFORE AFTER Save Money With Restoration! This marble entryway at the McEwan building in downtown Orlando has been installed for nearly one hundred years!  Over that time this marble has seen downtown Orlando grow into the city beautiful it truly is today.  This entryway needed to keep up with the rest of the city. Being trusted to restore this marble entryway is an honor.  We are very proud of what was accomplished with our restoration services and look forward to seeing this around for the next one hundred years! Get A Free Quote

January 31st, 2020|portfolio|

Marble Vanity Restoration | Surface Polishing in Winter Park Florida

Save Your Piece Of Earth With Our Majic! Marble for a bathroom vanity is a beautiful choice.  Over time wear and tear can take away from that beauty. Not long ago the only options were to live with the wound, or replace the entire piece.  In most cases people had to replace more than the damaged piece so everything matched.  Those problems are a thing of the past! Wear spots in granite, marble, onyx, and other natural stones can be honed and polished back to their original beauty.  Saving time, money, and the piece of earth! We have saved our customers thousands of dollars over replacement costs by saving their existing natural stone.  We can save yours too.  Email or call today! Get A Free Quote

October 3rd, 2019|portfolio|

Marble Etching Restoration in Solivita Florida

Save Your Old Marble Topped Furniture,  It Can Look New Again! Bought many years ago, the owners felt it was too damaged to be saved.  With a little Majic the Marble insert on this beautiful wood bar was back to new!  We could not stand by and let it get trashed. Furniture like this is rare and built to last.  Yet a layer of Marble about a micron thick stood between it looking new or worn. This is usually the case with old Marble furniture.  Scratches, etching, dull spots, after decades of use.  All can vanish with Stone Majic!  Email or call today to get your free estimate and help save the beautiful earth! Get A Free Quote

September 9th, 2019|portfolio|
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