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Marble Statues Restored | Marble Angels Saved In Palm Bay

BEFORE AFTER Marble Statues Restored! These marble statues needed restoration after surviving in the elements for years.  The marble had lost its color and developed a white hazy build-up on the surface.  This was removed using an aggressive diamond compound that scrubbed away the build-up while cleaning the marble.  Some pieces had fallen off of the statues, but most were saved and they were put back in place with epoxy.  Then the statues were sealed with solvent based sealers to protect the marble and enhance the natural colors.  The results were outstanding!  If your marble is not a countertop or floor, it is not a problem for us!  Have your marble statues restored today! Chipped, Scratched, Stained, or Cracked?  We Have "Majic" For That!

January 26th, 2023|portfolio|

Granite Cut For New Sink | Cutting Granite In Gainesville, FL

BEFORE DURING AFTER Kitchen Sink Replaced! This kitchen had an old stainless steel 60-40 split sink.  We are seeing a growing trend of homeowners moving away from this.  Picking out a bigger single-bowl sink to have installed. In most cases, the granite must be cut to accommodate a bigger sink.  To do this we use a continuous rim diamond blade attached to the Medusaw made by Skil, which is attached to a HEPA filter vacuum.  This ensures we do not leave a mess behind for you to clean. First, we measured the new sink to make sure it will work in the cabinet.  Then we removed the undermount sink.  Since we are cutting the granite, your main limiting factor is the size of your cabinet. Once we removed the old sink, we measured the new sink and granite cut-out again and marked where the granite needs to be cut.  We use pencils that are designed for writing on stone surfaces to mark where the cuts need to be made in the granite.  After the cuts are made there is [...]

January 10th, 2023|portfolio|

Scratch In Granite Removed | Granite Refinishing In Orlando, FL

BEFORE DURING AFTER Granite Scratch Removed! This granite vanity was scratched by an impact during install.  Leaving a white scratch that stuck out like a sore thumb.  Instead of  replacing the piece, the fabrication shop continued with the install knowing Stone Majic could save the day.  This cut down on time and expenses that would normally occur when an accident like this happens. All they had to do was send the info and we handled the rest.  From scheduling to completion, and with customer satisfaction as top priority, we turned this install from nightmare to success in just one day. To remove scratches in granite, marble, etc. we use honing pads specifically designed for the surface.  If you are in the industry, you might be familiar with Alpha's Turboshine Rigid pads.  They are the pads we utilize for this specialized work.  Combined with top of the line polishing compounds and techniques to ensure Stone Majic will leave a finish that is unmatched by most. This is not the type [...]

November 3rd, 2022|portfolio|

Granite Stains Removed | Granite Saved In Tampa

BEFORE DURING AFTER Granite Stains Removed! Granite is a porous material when not sealed, leaving the pores free to soak in anything that can.  This is usually what causes granite to become dark or discolored.  Stains can be removed by applying a poultice.  This has to sit for approximately three to four days and allowed to slowly dry, this job required two applications.  Doing this will break down the stain and pull it from the stone.  After a poultice, the granite is even more porous than before and must be sealed.  We use a solvent based sealer.  The final result is observed the following morning after we complete our work. If you have noticed your granite darkening throughout the kitchen, it is best to hire professionals that will factor in variables, and stand behind their work. Chipped, Scratched, Stained, or Cracked?  We Have "Majic" For That!

September 26th, 2022|portfolio|

Granite Fountain Restored | Downtown Orlando Hotel

BEFORE AFTER Granite Waterfall Fountain Saved! The water damage to this granite took years to develop.  Thankfully, it only took days to remove and have this granite fountain restored.  A very tedious effort of scraping, cleaning, polishing, and sealing.  Loose pieces of granite had to be removed and filled with epoxy.  Although, it looks like another company attempted the work before us, we are still very happy with the result. It is harder than it looks.  If you manage or own a property that requires this specialized work, you can trust Stone Majic has all the tools needed to get it done right, the first time.  Chipped, Scratched, Stained, or Cracked?  We Have "Majic" For That!

September 26th, 2022|portfolio|

Granite Cracked In Front Of Sink | Repaired In Longwood Florida

RUSTY BAR REMOVAL Granite Crack Repaired! This granite cracked due to steel rodding that is placed in the stone to provide support during installation.  After the granite is installed, the rodding is not removed.  There are many materials used for rodding now, but not long ago steel was the only option. Water will rust the steel over time by seeping in where the sink meets the granite, or though an open seam.  This will cause a crack in the stone.  It will grow and grow, usually until the cracked piece breaks off. To repair this, the metal bar has to be removed.  It can be accessed on the bottom side of the granite.  Although it could be hidden by the lip of the sink or the cabinet.  In most cases, the sink has to be dropped down to have enough room to operate.  In this case, the bar had already broken the piece off.  The piece was being held on with duct tape. The bar removal process is very tedious and requires patience.  It is not something we would recommend trying at home.  If you are noticing [...]

August 25th, 2022|portfolio|

Marble Countertop Polishing | Marble Saved In Clermont, FL

BEFORE DURING AFTER Marble Countertops Polished! Marble countertop polishing is no easy task.  The damage done to this marble was hard to capture with a still camera.  A good portion needed to be resurfaced to remove scratches and etching.  To do this we used diamond pads to remove layers of stone until the scratches disappeared and the surface was consistently dull. Then the remaining pad grits were used to achieve a finish ready for a finial polish.  The final polish was done with diamond compounds and a machine to ensure we reached maximum shine, typically higher than when installed.  After that the marble was sealed with a solvent based sealer. With proper care this service will last many years.  If you are buying or selling a house with marble, this service will literally wipe away years of damage.  Adding to the value, or adding to the deal. If you need marble countertop polishing, you can email or call for your free estimate.  Chipped, Scratched, Stained, or Cracked?  We Have "Majic" For That! [...]

August 22nd, 2022|portfolio|

Scratched Granite Saved | Granite Refinishing In Florida

BEFORE AFTER Scratched Granite Restored! This granite was scratched by a contractor.  Stone Majic was trusted with saving the job.  We resurfaced the area that was scratched until the scratches were removed. This was done using diamond pads specifically designed for the surface.  This ensured the finish left behind was smooth, consistent, and ready to be polished.  Then the granite was polished with diamond compounds and sealed with a solvent based sealer, leaving only the natural texture behind. The results speak for themselves!  This process takes years to master.  We do not recommend trying this at home. If it's Chipped, Scratched, Stained, or Cracked?  We Have "Majic" For That! All You Have To Say Is Abracadabra!

August 22nd, 2022|portfolio|

Travertine Vanity Polishing | Stone Majic In Satellite Beach

BEFORE AFTER Travertine Vanity Polished & Made New Again! This travertine vanity had been etched and dulled over the years.  This is usually caused from improper sealer application, or sealer not being applied after installation at all.  This type of damage can be erased leaving a new shiny layer of stone.  To do this we used diamond compounds and a machine to physically polish the surface.  After polishing the travertine was sealed with a solvent based sealer, giving it the protection it deserves. Call today for your free estimate!  All you have to say is abracadabra!

July 25th, 2022|portfolio|

Quartzite Vanity Restored | Countertop Polished and Sealed

BEFORE DURING AFTER Quartzite Saved From Trash! This vanity top was etched and dull all around the sink.  The only way to restore this quartzite was to refinish the surface.  To do this we utilized diamond pads and compounds.  This ensured the spots would be removed and the piece would be back how it was when it was new. Call today for your free estimate!

July 25th, 2022|portfolio|
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