April 2019

Marble Surfaces | Refinishing and Repair


Majic Transformations Marble is very delicate and needs regular sealing and maintenance to stay looking clean and shiny.  In most cases we see the marble has scratches and etching that have damaged the shine of the surface.  This damage can be honed and polished away without having to resurface the entire piece.  [...]

Marble Surfaces | Refinishing and Repair2020-02-02T17:07:49-05:00

Granite Surfaces | Repair and Restoration


Majic Transformations Granite surfaces are a beautiful upgrade to your house or place of business.  Over time cracks, chips, stains, or even scratches can diminish that beauty. Investment in natural stone should last multiple lifetimes.  All over central Florida, we have been trusted to protect that investment and keep it looking like [...]

Granite Surfaces | Repair and Restoration2019-10-14T19:40:13-04:00
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