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Kitchen Sink Replacement in Poinciana Florida

Granite Composite Sink Replaced with Cast Iron Sink! Not many businesses offer sink remount and replacement services.  Granite composite sinks can start to change color over time.  The homeowners started to hate their sink!  They called around to multiple places and couldn't find anyone that would get it done. Until they called Stone Majic!  Since the sink is mounted to natural stone, it is the perfect match for our business.  We have everything needed to replace or remount your kitchen and bathroom sinks.  Is your granite or marble chipped, scratched, stained, or cracked?  We have Majic for that too! A one stop shop for most kitchen and bathroom kitchen needs.  Email or call for your free estimate! Get A Free Quote

August 23rd, 2019|portfolio|

White Onyx Scratch Repair in The Villages Florida

White Onyx Bench With Shipping Damage Saved From The Trash! Sometimes when you buy something it doesn't get delivered how you would hope.  That was the case for the owners of this white onyx bench.  It arrived with deep scratches everywhere in the surface looking hazy and dull. Luckily the homeowner did not have to cover the cost.  In this case the shipping company did.  The homeowner wanted to return the white onyx bench.  Now they love their new addition to their backyard more than they expected. This situation was completely turned around!  All they had to say was abracadabra and their bench was looking better than new.  If you are a homeowner or a business owner Stone Majic has a solution for damaged natural stone that can save everyone time and money! Get A Free Quote

August 20th, 2019|portfolio|

Farmhouse Stainless Steel Sink Refinishing in Clermont Florida

Your Farmhouse Stainless Steel Sink can be saved with Majic! We do more than just Stone Majic. Getting a farmhouse stainless steel sink installed is an expensive investment.  While it looked great new it may have scratches from normal wear and tear.  Instead of replacing the sink, it can be refinished in less than a day! Without removing any plumbing or even shutting off the water.  A Majician will come and polish your stainless steel scratches right in front of your eyes. We recommend ordering a grate if possible.  This will keep the stainless steel kitchen sink protected from scratches in the future.  The same trick can be performed on any stainless steel surface.  Including stainless steel appliances that may have gotten scratched over the years. Save your scratched stainless steel and make it look new again.  We have Majic for that! Get A Free Quote

August 19th, 2019|portfolio|

Granite Seam and Crack Repair in Orlando Florida

Your kitchen can be saved from replacement with our Majic! A crack in your granite is bad enough.  If you have a crack, bad seam, and a height difference between the two sides,  you might think the piece would have to be replaced.  In most cases the entire kitchen has to be replaced.  If you can find a granite shop that has a remnant piece, they must be willing to risk saving the other pieces during removal. All of this could be avoided with Stone Majic repair and refinishing services! In one day we had this kitchen saved and customers satisfied, all without the hassle of replacing the kitchen countertops.  The seam / crack is smooth to the touch even though there was a huge height difference between the different pieces.  This is because our surface polishing techniques leave a finish after polishing that is unmatched by most.  Giving us the ability to grind away knowing the shine will come back. Everything we do is wet and with the inside of your home in mind.  There will not be dust flying throughout your home or a big mess [...]

August 6th, 2019|portfolio|

Marble Crack Repair and Resurface | Depression Era Furniture

Depression Era Marble Restored Marble has been around for a long time.  This piece from the depression era is just one example. Its time almost came to an end after the family moved down to their Orlando Florida home.  This marble topped furniture has been passed down for nearly one hundred years!  We would not let that stop now, not for just one crack. We through every trick in the book at it.  With great success you could not see the crack.  It was polished smooth to the touch which also shined up the whole piece. I am truly proud and honored to have restored such a beautiful piece of marble that will be around for generations to come! Stone Majic specializes in the repair and restoration of marble, granite, solid surface, onyx, stainless steel, limestone and more!  We save you time and money by saving your existing counter tops so you don't have to have them ripped out and replaced by anyone. Our Majicians can save the day, if it is chipped, scratched, stained or cracked we have Majic for that! Get A [...]

June 28th, 2019|portfolio|

Marble Countertop Polishing | Kitchen Restoration in Orlando Florida

Hard Water Damages Marble Surfaces Marble is beautiful, but also can be very delicate. Acidic liquids or even untreated hard water from the tap, can quickly eat at the marble surface leaving the finish dull and looking ruined.  No matter how much you try, the etched spots will not go away. The damaged marble needs to be polished to a new surface literally making the finish new again. We start with a diamond dust that rips away the old surface while polishing the new surface. In heavily etched and dull marble, we start with a set of diamond pads where you can watch the damaged marble layer be removed and the new layer brought back to a shine right in front of your eyes! The result is your marble looking brand new while saving you the thousands it would cost to replace the entire kitchen and bathrooms. Lets not forget your time dealing with fabrication and install.  Getting your marble resurfaced with Stone Majic is a win win for everyone, including the Earth! Stone Majic will repair and restore your granite, marble, onyx, limestone, quartzite, soap stone, solid surface, and stainless [...]

June 27th, 2019|portfolio|
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