Your Farmhouse Stainless Steel Sink can be saved with Majic!

We do more than just Stone Majic.

Getting a farmhouse stainless steel sink installed is an expensive investment.  While it looked great new it may have scratches from normal wear and tear.  Instead of replacing the sink, it can be refinished in less than a day!

Without removing any plumbing or even shutting off the water.  A Majician will come and polish your stainless steel scratches right in front of your eyes.

We recommend ordering a grate if possible.  This will keep the stainless steel kitchen sink protected from scratches in the future.  The same trick can be performed on any stainless steel surface.  Including stainless steel appliances that may have gotten scratched over the years.

Save your scratched stainless steel and make it look new again.  We have Majic for that!