Your kitchen can be saved from replacement with our Majic!

A crack in your granite is bad enough.  If you have a crack, bad seam, and a height difference between the two sides,  you might think the piece would have to be replaced.  In most cases the entire kitchen has to be replaced.  If you can find a granite shop that has a remnant piece, they must be willing to risk saving the other pieces during removal.

All of this could be avoided with Stone Majic repair and refinishing services!

In one day we had this kitchen saved and customers satisfied, all without the hassle of replacing the kitchen countertops.  The seam / crack is smooth to the touch even though there was a huge height difference between the different pieces.  This is because our surface polishing techniques leave a finish after polishing that is unmatched by most.  Giving us the ability to grind away knowing the shine will come back.

Everything we do is wet and with the inside of your home in mind.  There will not be dust flying throughout your home or a big mess left for you to clean up when we are done.  We encourage you to watch and engage with your Majician, we love walking our customers though every step.  In doing this we insure the customer is informed on everything they need to know about the care of their natural stone countertops.

Granite / Marble countertops can be saved from the wrecker, saving you thousands of dollars!  If it’s chipped, scratched, stained, or cracked, we have Majic for that!  Serving central Florida with expert stone repair at your home or business.