Hard Water Damages Marble Surfaces

Marble is beautiful, but also can be very delicate.

Acidic liquids or even untreated hard water from the tap, can quickly eat at the marble surface leaving the finish dull and looking ruined.  No matter how much you try, the etched spots will not go away. The damaged marble needs to be polished to a new surface literally making the finish new again.

We start with a diamond dust that rips away the old surface while polishing the new surface.

In heavily etched and dull marble, we start with a set of diamond pads where you can watch the damaged marble layer be removed and the new layer brought back to a shine right in front of your eyes!

The result is your marble looking brand new while saving you the thousands it would cost to replace the entire kitchen and bathrooms.

Lets not forget your time dealing with fabrication and install.  Getting your marble resurfaced with Stone Majic is a win win for everyone, including the Earth!

Stone Majic will repair and restore your granite, marble, onyx, limestone, quartzite, soap stone, solid surface, and stainless steel materials.

We perform our industry tricks at your home or business, we encourage you to watch the show!  Cracks can be color matched and polished smooth.  Stains can be sucked out of your stone.  Scratches and etching can be removed and a new surface polished all without leaving your home or business!

All for much less than replacing any of these materials.  All you have to say is abracadabra!