Depression Era Marble Restored

Marble has been around for a long time.  This piece from the depression era is just one example.

Its time almost came to an end after the family moved down to their Orlando Florida home.  This marble topped furniture has been passed down for nearly one hundred years!  We would not let that stop now, not for just one crack.

We through every trick in the book at it.  With great success you could not see the crack.  It was polished smooth to the touch which also shined up the whole piece.

I am truly proud and honored to have restored such a beautiful piece of marble that will be around for generations to come!

Stone Majic specializes in the repair and restoration of marble, granite, solid surface, onyx, stainless steel, limestone and more!  We save you time and money by saving your existing counter tops so you don’t have to have them ripped out and replaced by anyone.

Our Majicians can save the day, if it is chipped, scratched, stained or cracked we have Majic for that!